We conduct FREE classes throughout the year via Zoom Meetings. Instead of pau hana then driving somewhere for a class and driving home after, you can go straight home from work and dial into a Zoom Meeting from the comfort of your living room. We do ask that you enable your web cam to be sure you are engaged with the study. Classes are 7 consecutive Mondays. The first 5 are lecture, exam is the 6th week and the 7th Monday is an optional "Virtual Hands On" where we discuss shopping for your first radio, American Radio Relay League, Amateur Radio Emergency Services and a demonstration on how to use a radio.

Self study is required. For the Technician, you will need to get a copy of the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual 5th Edition. it is available on Amazon or the ARRL store. If you are on Oahu, you may contact me. I usually have the manual available for $25.00. I live in Mililani and can meet you half way somewhere. During the 5 lecture sessions we will be reviewing all 412 questions from the question pool. Each week we will review the questions from a chapter or two. 


Week #
1 2 & 3 Radio signals, equipment basics, electricity, ohms law, power, components and units, radio circuits
2 4 Propagation, antennas and feed lines, practical antenna systems, SWR
3 5 Basic station equipment, modulation, transmitters and receivers, digital communications, power supplies and batteries
4 6 &7 Communicating with other hams, band plan, using repeaters, public service, licensing regulations and privilege5s
5 7, 8 & 9 Operating regulations, interference, third party, prohibited transmissions, electrical RF and mechanical safety
6 Exam $15.00 to sit for the exam - pass or fail
7 Virtual Hands On Features to look for in a radio, ARRL, ARES and Demonstration using a hand held radio


See the 2024 class schedule below. To register for a class, email me at the email provided below. If you have 10 or more interested individuals and would like a custom schedule, I may be able to accomodate you. Feel free to contact me. 

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Seating is limited, register early. Registration cutoff is the Monday before the class starts. Inquiries after the cutoff date will be deferred to the subsequent class. 

License Class
Start Date - End Date
All classes are Monday evening
6p - 8p HST
Exam Date
Link to brochure
Technician February 5 - March 18 March 11 February Flier
Technician April 8 - May 20 May 13 April Flier
General June 10 - July 8 No exam date included in class June Flier
Technician August 12 - September 23 September 16 August Flier
Technician October 14 - November 25 November 18 October Flier


The time to prepare for a disaster is before it occurs. Thinking about getting licensed after a disaster occurs is too late!