1. Join Zoom Meetings with a computer or laptop with webcam and microphone

2. Join same Zoom Meeting with smartphone or tablet with camera capabilities

a. You will be asked to scan your environment with the smartphone/tablet

b. When the environment is deemed clean, you may turn off your secondary device

3. On your computer Zoom Meeting session, you need to Share Screen (green button)

4. Open a browser (Chrome, Safari) and browse to exam.tools

5. In Exam Tools, enter the Team Identifier EARCHI

6. Enter the PIN you received upon registration (if you don’t have it, the examiners will) 

7. You will be prompted with “Request to Join” – please wait as an examiner approves

8. Click on “Start Technician Exam”  - please wait as an examiner approves

9. Answer all the questions by clicking on an answer and scroll down to the next

10. An unanswered question is marked wrong so make your best guess

11. You may go back to complete/review and/or change an answer

12. Click the gold color button “Grade Exam” – please wait as an examiner approves

13. You are presented with Pass/Fail and your score – but you are not done yet

14. Click the gold button “Finish and Sign Forms” then click “Finish and Sign”

15. Review the Quick Form 605 – make sure your contact information is correct

a. Often apartment numbers, if used, are omitted – we can fix it before moving on

16. Type your name below the red statement

17. Use your mouse of touchpad stylus to sign “Sign Here”

18. Click the green “Sign Documents” – then “Finish Session”

19. You may now “Log Out” and leave the session