We offer Virtual exams almost every Saturday and In-Person exams once every 3 months. All exams are done electronically via a web site with Volunteer Examiners monitoring the session.


Virtual Exams --- After registering, you will be asked to remit the $15.00 exam fee via PayPal. Failure to pay in advance will negate the exam session. Please contact me if you require other arrangements. On the date of the exam, you will need to join a Zoom Meeting. The Meeting invite will be shared with you in advance. At this time, we are only able to process one candidate at a time. So, you may be asked to join the Zoom Meeting in 15 minute increments subsequent to the prior candidate. First come, first served. The device with which you join the Zoom meeting must have a web cam attached. This allows the Volunteer Examiners to monitor you as you take the exam, on screen. Prior to the start of the exam but subsequent to you joining the Zoom meeting, you must join the same Zoom meeting with a smart phone or tablet. We will ask that you scan your environment with this second device to ensure there are no posters, notes, etc on either the desk surface, all the walls in your environment as well as the floor and ceiling. Once the environment is sanitized, you may turn off this second device. You will Share Screen on your primary device and the Volunteer Examiners will monitor you via your web cam and be able to see what you are doing on screen. You must also enable your microphone in order to monitor the audio in the room. Headphones and ear buds are NOT allowed. You may use an on-screen calculator during the session but you must be sharing screen so we can monitor what you are doing. 

In Person --- Every three months, the EARC holds its Membership meeting at the National Guard Association, 891 Valkenburgh St. 96818, by the Daniel K Inouye airport. We will provide an Android tablet with which to take your exam.